5 Must-Have Packing Materials You Need for Your Next Move

5 Must-Have Packing Materials You Need for Your Next Move

When it comes to preparing for the move, it’s an excellent idea to determine what time and some supplies you will need. As the first thing to do is to arrange your belongings, you must sort them out and decide what you will be moving.

Here are five must-have packing materials you need for your next move.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are crucial to any residential move. You will need clear boxes are various sizes, depending on how much you plan to pack. In most cases, consider different amounts of small to large moving boxes. Remember to secure the bottoms to provide efficient support and padding.

Simple cardboard boxes may not always be sturdy enough to provide protection to valuables and breakables. Wardrobe boxes are the best for storing little items away from dirt, dust and excess moisture. Dish boxes are perfect for bulky items that can protect fragile items. For photos, using picture boxes are stronger than the standard cardboard box that is shaped to fit large flat items like framed pictures and mirrors.

Bags of All kinds

While bags are not always the most practical material to use for moving, they do come in handy. You can use suitcases to hold your clothes and personal items for security. Sealable bags will help keep small articles in place and help you organize. Trash bags are also perfect for packing lightweight items that are durable and cannot be damaged easily.

Vacuum bags will allow you to pack bulky, soft items such as blankets and pillows. Don’t forget to use mattress bags as protection for your mattress and keep they dry during the move.

Other Containers

Other moving containers work great for running. Plastic crates are especially attractive as they create a stronghold that can be reused as storage. Using custom-made wooden boxes will also allow you to pack delicate items such as art, antiques, heirlooms and more.

You can also use laundry hampers and baskets to hold small items such as toys, toiletries, and miscellaneous tools. Buckets are also ideal for moving cleaning supplies and other kitchen or bathroom items that may leak.

Wrapping Materials

Without the proper wrapping, items can be damaged. Good packing is about keeping your things safe during the move. Without adequate articles, you will risk the damage. Using air-filled material will provide protection against scratches and breaking as well as absorb shocks during the transit.

Security Materials

Once you have packed all your items, you will then need to seal your boxes with sufficient security. Use plenty of quality packing tape to seal the boxes with wrap around large boxes. You can make several rounds around every item to secure the padding.  You can also tie blankets with cords and roles rather than taping them.

What other materials do you think are important during a move? Comment below and let us know!